Wool Wadding

A natural material with many properties.

Our wool wadding is a material that brings comfort and cosiness in every product.

To make sure the wadding we use is clean, fine and durable we source it only from our most trusted suppliers.

Вълнена вата
Руло вълнена вата

Main advantages of the product:


  • Isolation - one of the most common properties of wool wadding. The high density of the wool itself, makes it one of the best natural isolators.
  • Air Flow - wool fibers prevent moist retention which brings comfort to every product.
  • Softness

Being one of the best isolators, it is not surprising that this material is commonly used for blanket production, clothing, pillows and carpets.

We offer cotton wadding weighing from
200 до 600 200 to 600 gr/m2 and max width of 3 meters.


We don't offer wadding made out of 100% wadding.


We will always offer the most eco-friendly and sustainable choice, combines with the best quality.

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