Polyester Wadding

Polyester wadding is one of our main products since our founding more than 25 years ago.  

We are one of the biggest manufacturers of polyester wadding in the entire country. With this material we have built up a reputation as a reliable and quality supplier.

Thanks to the experience we gathered during this long period we succeed in manipulating this material to perfection and offer it in all kinds of forms.

  • GSMs - 40 to 2500 g/m2

  • Width - Max 3 meters

  • Thickness - 1 mm to 120 mm


Aside from the basic measurements of our products you can also choose specific qualities like hardness and durability. We are going to do our best satisfy your needs.

Руло полиестерна вата
Текстура на полиестерна вата

Main Advantages of this material :

  • Insulation
  • Regains its form quickly
  • Proven durability over time
  • Easy to apply in the manufacturing process
  • Softens

Its insulative features make it a good choice for the insulation of building, water containers and other places.

The furniture industry craves a material like this one so it's not surprising that this is where it's mainly used. Its durability and texture make it an excellent choice for mattress manufacturers, sofa manufacturers and others.

It's important to point out that the polyester used for the manufacturing of polyester wadding is entirely recycled and made of plastic bottles which are one of the biggest contaminators today. Using this product you contribute towards a more eco-friendly future.

It's a much more eco sustainable product in comparison to other materials with similar use.

400 грама на квадратен метър полиестерна вата

Quality is always the correct choice.


If you are looking for an experience and reliable supplier who can deliver you quality materials at any time.


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