Eco Activity


Recycling textile waste is a very important part of what we do. We make use of leftover yarn, fabric cuts, wadding and other recyclable textile materials. 

For our clients this kind of service offers great relief, as most of them are forced to pay for trash disposal or to look for illegal methods of dealing with the problem. With our services they don't simply save up money, but also contribute to protecting the environment.

We CANNOT recycle artificial leather, rubber or inflammable fabrics.


The process begins with the sortation of textile waste.


At this stage we make sure that there are no solid leftovers such as zippers, buttons, wire, carton or hard-to-recycle fabrics which can cause damages during the machine processing.


This stage can be entirely avoided if waste is collected separately beforehand.

Влакна преди сортиране
Гилотина за рециклиране на влакна

Mechanical shredding

After we are sure that in the textile waste there is nothing that can cause damage, it goes through our recycling lines (mechanical shredding lines). 


These machines disentangle textile into fibers through cutting, shredding and tearing..

We bale them and transport them to the next production stage.

Първично рециклирани влакна

Final Product

In the third and final production stage the fibers go through a carding machine, which arranges them and glues them together into the final product. 

Thanks to our experience and expertise through this process we manage to create a great variety of non-woven textile with many applications. 

  • Hard felt
  • Colourful wadding (200-1200 gr/m2)
  • Felt
  • White Recycled Wadding
Руло цветна вата

To find out more, don't hesitate to contact us or visit or product description pages for recycled coloured or white wadding.