About us

Our main purpose is to offer recyclable and quality solutions for the furniture and textile industry.

DKTEX is a family business founded in 1995.

Wadding manufacturing is our main focus. We use modern technology and innovative processes to create quality products which satisfy our clients' needs.

Освен производството на нетъкан текстил, важна част от нашата дейност е рециклирането на текстилни отпадъци.  Това ни позволява да подпомагаме устойчивото развитие на текстилната индустрия към едно EKO бъдеще.

Right now we have two manufacturing facilities. One in Shipkovo and Terziysko.

At the beginning of our development our manufacturing capacity was 20 tons per year and now we are proud to say that this is our capacity for 2 work days.

We currently possess:

  • 5 lines for wadding manufacturing
  • 1 cushion manufacturing line
  • 1 machine for recycled wadding
  • 4 machines for recycling textile waste
  • 2 machines for fillings

Frequently Asked Questions

90% of our products are rolled and vacuumed in a nylon bag. We also have the option of putting the rolls in a tight bag for ease of storage and transportation. 

For deliveries inside the country we use our own trucks. 

Depends on the size of the order, but most orders we are able to deliver in 2-7 workdays.

Yes, we work with couriers and offer samples of up to 1 kilogram for all of our products.

We also offer samples for wadding in specifications defined by the client. For more information contact us from our contact page. Contact

We don't do retail directly, but we have dealers across the entire country.

All of our products have an OEKOTEX 100 certificate.