Experts in Nonwoven Textile
For More than 25 Years

Leading Wadding Manufacturer in Bulgaria


What is our main focus?

Manufacturing of Nonwoven Textile Tailored specially for your needs

Our company was founded with the purpose of answering the growing need of sustainable and ecological solutions for the furniture and textile industres.

Our main products include :

The main reason for our success is our ability to modify wadding according to the customer's needs.


All of our products are completely recyclable.

Industries We Currently Serve



Since the foundation of our company, mattress manufacturers have been our main clients and today we supply all of the major manufacturers in Bulgaria.



Our ability to produce wadding which satisfies any needs or restrictions makes us a very good choice for quilt manufacturers. най-специфичните изисквания.



Aside from manufacturing our own cushions we deliver many different types of fillings which find many different uses for cushion manufacturers.

Градинска мебел

Garden Furniture

We deliver very unique and irreplacable solutions for garden furniture manufacturers. The most popular of which is the "foam-replacement wadding",
Най – популярна в тази индустрия е „дунапрено-заместващата“ ни вата.


Sofa manufacturers just like mattress manufacturers have also been on of our main niche since our foundation and they find our foam-replacement wadding just as irreplacable as in garden furniture.

Why should you trust us


Our ability to modify wadding in all kinds of ways makes us very flexible and easy to work with.


More than 25 years we have been tightly specialized in the manufacturing of the best wadding and nonwoven textiles.
най-добрите вати и нетъкани текстили на пазара.


We are famous for our amazing punctuality of delivery and good customer service among all of our clients.


The variety of waddings coupled with the quality, which we offer makes us confident that we can offer something to every need.