DKTEX – Production of nonwoven textile and textile waste recycling

Company Profile

The sole-proprietorship company “Docho Kovachev” was established in 1994 as one of pioneers in the nonwoven production sector. Due to the fast technological update of its products the company in short time succeeded to deserve the trust of numerous well-positioned wadding consumers. Our products have found vast application area mainly in the production of upholstered furniture, mattresses, lightened coverings, scarves, pillows, ready-to-wear clothes and work garments. Recycling of textile waste from 2010. Cutting with programmable cutting machine RESTA H237 TT Mark 2 from 2013.

Actual information as of 31.12.2013
Production capacity: Ut to 120 tons monthly
Staff: 35 workers
Official headquarters: City of Troyan – 5600, Lagat, bl. 4, entr. E/1
Production premises and office: Village of Shipkovo – 5663, Municipality Troyan
Shed 1 890m2 built-up area
Shed 2 850m2 built-up area
Shed 3 300m2 built-up area
Shed 4 1000m2 built-up area
720m2 built-up area


Since its establishment in 1994 the company has functioned only as a producer of volume-bonding nonwoven textile (wadding). Since 1998 the company has specialised its activities in the wadding production with the use of thermobonding technology of low melting fibers. The wadding produced under this modern technology is characterized with excellent exploitation properties.

Technological equipment

The company “Docho Kovachev” used the following equipment for the production of nonwoven textile:

– opening and blending: “BEFAMA” and “POLMATEX” – Poland
– carding machines: “BEFAMA”- Poland and “TEXTIMA” – Germany
– cross lappers: “COSMATEX” – Italy, “BEFAMA”, etc.
– garnets and other specialized machinery
– textile waste recycling line: “BEFAMA”
– programmable cutting machine for fabric, felt and quilted stuff: RESTA H237 TT Mark 2


Polyester white wadding
Wool/polyester wadding, white
Cotton/polyester wadding, white
Siliconized polyester fibre wadding, white
Regenerated fibre wadding, unspecified colour
Silicone filling
Ball-formed silicone filling
Regenerated fibers in bales


• we produce “tailor-made” products (substandard weights, widths and sizes)
• we guarantee for short-time delivery of products
• we buy out any kind of wadding leftovers
• we deliver free samples from all materials
• upon client’s wish we provide transport for the ordered products


e-mail: kkovachev[at]dktex.net or kkovachev[at]seznam.cz
Tel: 00359 878 462202

Factory & Office:
5663 Village of Shipkovo
G.Dimitrov str. 42
Municipality Troyan

Administrative address:
ET “Docho Kovachev”
Lagat, bl. 4, entr. E/1
5600 Troyan